1972 Born in Tokyo / Founder of Hide's wine





Hideki Asano: 

In 2001 he moved to Germany with the aim of creating products in harmony with nature. After graduating form wine school in 2005, he founded "Hide's wine". He started making his own wine with the concept of "wine to go with Japanese cuisine".In recent years, it has developed into a nationally and internationally acclaimed wine, including being used in first and business class on ANA international fights and winning the Diamond Trophy, the highest award in the SAKURA Awards, an International wine competition judged by Japanese women. 

Weingut STRUB1710



彼らが所有するHipping畑や醸造所を利用させてもらい、ワイン造りをスタートした。ニアシュタインは、ドイツワインにとって最良の土壌。「ローター・ハング (赤土の急斜面)」と呼ばれる赤土粘板岩の土壌で、さらにライン川に反射された太陽光も存分に浴びるリースリング栽培の最適地。現在は、12代目のセバスチャンが醸造責任者を務める。


It all started with an encounter with the STRUB family.

In 2002, the STRUB winery, which has a history of more than 300 years in the famous region of Nierstein, gave Hideki Asano, a Japanese, a chance. ROKU-SAN-Q is made from Riesling from their Hipping vineyard in Nierstein, one of the best soils for German wines. The "Roter Hang" (steep red slope), with its red slate soils and the sunshine reflected off the Rhine, is ideal for growing Riesling.

Today, Sébastien STRUB, the 12th generation of the family, is responsible for the winemaking.

Home of Hide´s wine 故郷:

Rheinhessen is a famous wine region in Germany. Nierstein is one of the most prestigious areas on the Rhine. It is in this small village, surrounded by nature, that ROKU SAN-Q is produced.